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Teachers Should Have the Right to .....

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By Richard Garner, Education EditorPublished: 07 May 2007

Teachers should have the right to anonymity if they are facing disciplinary action over allegations of assaulting pupils, Lord Falconer said yesterday.

The Lord Chancellor announced measures aimed at stopping malicious abuse allegations made by pupils, which he said were ruining the lives of teachers.
He also told the conference of the National Association of Head Teachers, in Bournemouth, that teachers should not automatically be suspended if allegations were made.

In addition, heads and local authorities should have discretion not to mention allegations in a teacher's record if the allegation has been proved to be false. At present, all allegations have to be recorded for Criminal Records Bureau checks.
His announcement is a victory for teachers' leaders who have been campaigning for years for anonymity as the number of malicious allegations has been rising.

Lord Falconer, Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, said: "Teachers are very vulnerable to false allegations. Suspensions going on years or investigations going on years ruin lives often utterly unfairly."

Mick Brookes, the general secretary of the NAHT, said he knew of one where a headteacher had been under suspension for two years - with the allegation still unproven.

Lord Falconer won applause from heads: "In most cases where some form of disciplinary proceedings are going on, the name of the teacher should be kept anonymous.
"He also indicated that the school's identity should be withheld in the case of a head facing allegations.Lord Falconer added afterwards that "in the case of many public servants ... there is a sense that the balance [of justice] is not right".

He also backed the law lords' decision to refuse to back the schoolgirl Shabina Begum, who demanded the right to wear the jilbab, the full veil, at school in Luton.

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